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A nomad!!

Who am I ?

Just another creature on this planet who thinks he can read and write.

Why do I write ?

Why not, you should try as well and I’m really grateful to have this ability. More than anything else, it helps to structure the not-so-random thoughts and ideas which our notorious mind generates every second.

Another reason, and this is important, it let’s me try and experiment with all the latest documentation tools available to us today. So, if you’re looking for a feedback on any of them, you now know who to talk to 😎

Any other purpose ?

Well, its tough to reason even if our existence has purpose, this is just a blog. But a bit of clarity helps.

Our everyday life is filled with stories and narratives and we know that they lead us in various directions. Which direction we’re headed depends on whom we trust and whose thoughts we resonate with.

Maybe, all this leads me to a place where there is trust, equality and empathy. I do hope that these communities are not restrained with the boundaries which we’ve constructed all around us, but are connected at a deeper level, where we don’t worry about our future as we know that there is a community that will be present and will share all that is required.

What to expect from this blog

There is a big ‘L’ sign on the blog, which means I am a lifelong learner of the art of writing and sharing better stories and this is just the start of this journey. So, expect nothing, but i hope you find something here which is useful, in some form or the other.

Why stories?

Aren’t they amazing. I think storytelling is one of the 2 valuable inventions, other being the 🚲, that our species have identified and developed. It can bring communities together or take them far apart, it can also start and end a revolution, or it can just bring a smile on your face or fill your eyes with tears of joy and sorrow. A human life is just surrounded by stories of every kind, who we are, what we do and who we admire, is all because of stories we have heard. Well, its a great skill to practice and develop, if possible.

Having said that, i am aware that most content here, is not a story, or in form of a story,but rather a collection of disconnected random articles. I think its fine and all that contributes in some form or other. This is just another place where I try documenting my thoughts, and a cautionary advice:

There will be a lot of Noise!!

Should you read or spend time on any of this ?

Never, if you’re forced to do this. But if you’ve somehow reached here organically, maybe you can find some inspiration wherever you are in life. I’m the most average human being with a lot of complications, and if I can do anything, then you have no reason to doubt yourself.

You can also have a look around this small library we have here, and do let me know, if you find anything interesting in these virtual shelves.

Thanks for your time